Our Promise

Real Veggies

Real veggies define our philosophy and our promise.

We believe that is what sets our snacks apart and makes them as sensible as they are sensational. We make sure our veggie pieces are real, recognizable, and full of flavor.

We put a lot of time and effort into finding veggies that are perfect for snacking. We experiment with different cuts to find the perfectly snackable bite. Then we air dry them to seal in all the flavor and goodness. We test lots of different seasonings. But that's it – nothing fried, formed or pressed here.

When you taste Dirt Kitchen Snacks, you will taste the best nature has to offer. The veggies are crispy, the nuts are crunchy, and the seasonings and spices give it just the right vibe for the mood you're in.

Some of the veggies you’ll find in our snacks: Grape Tomatoes, Blushed Bell Peppers, Green Beans, Zucchini, and Carrots.

Farmer pulling carrot out of box

Air Dried

Air drying locks in authentic flavor, veggie goodness, and a crispy crunchy texture.

The tough part about snacking is finding foods that are ready when you are. Snacks have to be easy to take on the go, and they have to stay good for a while. While grape tomatoes and zucchini are pretty amazing, they don’t travel very well in your pocket or backpack.

We think we finally found the perfect solution: make the veggies crispy and portable! They taste great and are fun to eat. The bonus is, with air drying all the goodness is locked in. You get great tasting, crispy veggies in all their splendor.

Culinary Inspired

We've worked hard to create different ways to love your veggies, whether you like them simply seasoned or flavor forward.